Work from home quick tip 03

Ok folks, for those venturing in their first bout of working from home, you may be trying to figure out how it's going to work. So here is my next tip: YOU'RE ON VIDEO - OMG

So all of a sudden, you're doing video conferencing with your co-workers. What do you do?

Let's assume for a second that you've been set up with the appropriate equipment (it can be as minimal as a tablet with a video chat app installed, all the way up to a pc with dedicated audio and video peripherals).

Sub tip 1 - Use the video. It's much more engaging and personal than a audio only conference call. If you're missing your co-workers, you get to see them.

Sub tip 2 - don't walk around holding the device/tablet/laptop while in a meeting. It's rude and the image will look horrible. If you have to move for whatever reason, turn off your camera (after telling everyone what you're doing), move, then turn the camera back on.

Sub tip 3 - do not sit in front of a window. Most, if not all cameras, will end up washing out the image if it's pointed toward the window. You will appear too dark to be recognized. Point your camera at wall.

Sub tip 4 - mind where else the camera is pointing. It should not point up your nose, down your forehead, or capture dirty laundry or empty beer cans.

Final tip - if you have to use the bathroom, excuse yourself and DO NOT take the device into the bathroom with you.

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