April 03, 2020

Work from home quick tip 02

Ok folks, for those venturing in their first bout of working from home, you may be trying to figure out how it's going to work. So here is my next tip: SPACE

New to working from home? If possible, your first priority is to find a place to work.

Not all of use have the luxury of devoting an entire spare room as a home office (or in my case, two spare rooms), but to maximize productivity, having some sort of dedicated space is ideal.

What's not ideal is setting up in any spot where you're forced to put everything away at the end of the day, like the kitchen table. Repeated setup and tear down of your work space gets monotonous. It's like it becomes your commute to work. Things get misplaced easier when you're packing things away constantly.

In front of the television in the living room isn't ideal either, it can be incredibly distracting - even more so if you're not the one in charge of what's on the TV.

Perhaps it's best to use a dining room if, like at my house, it rarely gets used. That way, you can set up and not have to worry about clearing the table before dinner.

The best place is always a dedicated space, like spare bedroom with a door. The next best space is somewhere where you can sit down first thing in the morning and get to it without going through the process of clearing the breakfast dishes before starting.

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