Work from home quick tip 01

Ok folks, for those venturing in their first bout of working from home, you may be trying to figure out how it's going to work. So here is my next tip: UNDERSTANDING

Everyone needs a little understanding. It could be the boss of your company, the workers or your family. Working from home isn't easy for most people, especially those forced into it.

The family of home workers need to understand that yes, you are home, but you also need to get your work done. Just because you are home, it doesn't necessarily mean that the laundry will get done or the house will get cleaned daily.

Your Boss
Your boss needs to understand that this is a whole new world for a lot of us and there shouldn't be an expectation of 100% efficiency from day one. It will take some time, especially for those workers now trying to juggle work, the kids being home, the laundry, the dirty house, etc. Give your workers some space and time. You may actually find that that people become more productive and happy working from home.

Your Workers
Those working for you should also understand that this is new for most people, including you. Workers should not get over-offended if all of a sudden their boss is reaching out more. They probably aren't trying to micromanage, they are trying to figure this all out too.

With just a little understanding on everyone's part, we can all get through this so much easier. Most people are new at this. Allow some space and time to get it right.