Generic Predictions for 2018

Since I kicked last years' ass and went an amazing 10-4-10 in predictions, I deemed it necessary to do it again.

For 2018, this is the top ten predictions for the AV/VC/UCaaS/ETC industry:

1. This is the year of easy

What's easy? A one button (or less) push that everyone wants - controlling massive amounts of gear that no one wants.

2. Everyone will do their best to copy what Cisco did two years ago

Whatever that may have been

3. No product will be native 720p

Yet every single hardware based video call will max out at 720p and software will average 480p

4. Buzzwords, including "easy", will be used frequently.

Game changer will mean "we made one too". Dead will continue to mean "my company doesn't sell that". UI will continue to be confused with UX. Huddle will mean whatever you want it to.

5. IoT will merge with AR and VR and VC and UC.

We'll just call the whole thing TAURIC until Cisco tells us otherwise.

6. The mechanical pan tilt zoom camera will disappear.

One can only hope.

7. Digital whiteboarding will take a huge leap backward.

Because we're going to realize that no one likes to get up during meetings.

8. You're going to end up using Microsoft Teams as your collaboration solution.

Just go with it.

9. Since I promised it last year: A company will take VC funding.

Well, that's a softball.

10. Companies will continue to be unhappy in general with video conferencing.

It's up to all of us to fix that!

Bonus prediction: At most of the lectures throughout the year there will be so many panelists that all the audience will be treated to is an introduction to each of them. How to fix it? I'd like to see some town hall style debates with no more than 4 speakers on whatever topic it may be. That would make for a good show and much more informative than having 12 people in a 45 minute "lecture".

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