Generic Predictions for next year

With every January comes a set of predictions for the upcoming year as well as a "how did I do last year with my prediction" wrap up. Predictions are usually safe in nature so they aren't really valuable for more than just getting a blog out (my case for doing it). Here is a crop of typical things that will happen in any given year so in 12 months I can look back and make myself feel smart.
  1. A company will have massive layoff and call it a restructuring or something similar.
  2. A company will shut its doors.
  3. A company or five will get acquired.
  4. A company will change senior management.
  5. A company will release a new product that will be the best ever according to the marketing department of that company.
  6. A new startup will unveil consisting of former employees from a well known company.
  7. Something will be released that will be called a "game changer".
  8. Something will be released that's higher resolution than last time.
  9. Someone will say "this is the year for video" followed by exclamation points.
  10. Someone will call a certain technology "dead". This will happen 4-14 times over the course of the year with several random things being called out as the item to be dead.



1-10-17 Desk phone called dead HERE 1st instance of DEAD #10
1-12-17 Hardware endpoint is dying HERE 2nd instance of DEAD #10
1-13-17 PGi to acquire Ready Talk HERE 1st instance of acquisitions #3
1-16-17 AVI-SPL acquires VideoLink HERE 2nd instance of acquisitions #3
1-22-17 Blue Jeans CMO uses "game changer" remark for a new technology. #7 complete
1-25-17 Cisco buys AppDynamics HERE 3rd instance of acquisitions #3
1-26-17 Jonathan Rosenberg said the Spark Board is "game changing". #7 doubled up
2-1-17 Nureva's new product is 1080p. #8 complete.
2-3-17 Your hardware MCU is DEAD 3rd instance of DEAD #10
2-3-17 Spark board "absolutely changes the game" #7 x 3
2-8-17 Logitech announced Brio at 4k #8 complete x2
2-9-17 Creston Game Changing #7
This makes four GAME CHANGERS in 40 days!

2-10-17 former Cisco execs, new startup. #6 done
2-17-17 Cloud video conferencing is DEAD. Wait, what? 4th dead #10. Complete.

Looks like got them all right before May even ended. I'll do the same predictions for next year adding "a company will take VC funding".

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