Another round of video conference product testing

It's been a year now since I ran through a dozen or so video conference products (all software) for testing purposes - and my own fun and interest. Now it's time to revisit some products and get introduced to some new ones. Here's how it's going to be different.
First, I am going to try and not have demos with salesmen of specific products. I have asked on LinkedIn if there was anyone willing to test products with me for fun and I've found some interested people. So any product that allows me to have a temporary account or two will get this treatment. In my opinion, it's much better to have "users" work through issues than a salesman brush over them for a quick 10 minute demo.

With having other people help to demo the product, it will be a more accurate simulation of real world conditions. Several of these products have email links to join meetings, etc so I intend to put that use. It's one thing to email myself for a laptop to iPad chat within the confines of my home office, it's a whole different ballgame with users across the US.
Not the best way to test a product...

Next I aim to test laptop software, iPad apps and now Android phone apps where applicable. You never know, I may have to force myself into getting an android tablet as well....

I don't have a defined list, so I am open to suggestions. Pexip just got released into the wild so that is on my list - if I can only figure out how to activate the 10 ports that was given to everyone at Infocomm. Acano is another new product that I know little about yet want to test. Other than that, I will certainly re-test Skype as a baseline and retest my favorites from the previous round (in no particular order); VSee, Zoom and SeeVogh.

Until then...thanks for reading
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