Hi! I'm Bryan. Here's more than you'll ever want to know about me

I am an independent designer of video conferencing hardware products. I am also an independent analyst of collaboration products.

I started drafting at age 13 when I took my first Industrial Arts class. I drew and then built my own wood box in that class teaching me two important life facts that still hold true today: I can design anything but I can't build shit. Since that class, all I've ever wanted to do is draw things for a living. Not artsy stuff, but stuff with a T-square and a triangle. In 1990 I made the transition to CAD drafting and left the pencil behind. Please, never ask me to build anything.

I enjoy testing products relating to video conferencing. It's part hobby and part work but all fun. Feel free to send me stuff to test or reach out if you have something like a software codec you want an opinion on. I have opinions.

Being opinionated has led me to become a so called pundit in the field of video conferencing. It's easy to call oneself an expert and act like one in a field with so many lackluster offerings. While I come across as being overly critical at times, all I want is for everyone to use video conferencing. So therefore, I hate shitty products that drive users away from the technology. If that alienates me from some people, I'm cool with that.

Finally comes the blogger portion of what I do. This is strictly for fun, but my goal if there is one is to educate the reader on video products and offerings. It's also a venue for me to pontificate about what I do and do not like. Although one would never know it based on my grammar but it actually takes me a very long time to write each blog, so bear with the frequency! Every now and again I'll write a paid article for some internet "magazine". Typically those are a pain in the ass as I must adhere to someone else's standards and write what amounts to fluff, but it pays well and allows me to buy stuff to test. I refuse to write vendor based puff pieces. Occasionally, I will write blogs regarding Array. Those are typically technical in nature and aren't marketing fluff.

I'm in to camping, hiking and wine. I usually combine all three with my wife Amy and dog Kaylee on any given weekend. It's quite a departure from my work related and high tech activities. I also routinely post things on Twitter. Please follow me @bryanhellard

My resume can be found here.