Resume of Bryan Hellard

I felt it was time to write an updated resume based on the video conference/telepresence work I've done. As usual, my resume is done via the shotgun approach that is my writing "style".

video conference consultant
 The glamorous life testing video chat apps

Current (From company inception to present)
Director of Engineering for Array Telepresence

Array is bringing to market a hardware image processor combined with a custom camera that transforms a standard conference room into an immersive telepresence experience via proprietary image mapping. The products are a combination of hardware, PCBs, connectors, mechanical and digital alignment processes housed in custom designed enclosures.

Duties include in no particular order:
Research and Development
Creation and design of proprietary image mapping 
Prototyping (3d printing)
Product Management
Conceptual schematics through final design
Mechanical part modelling
Testing, troubleshooting and debugging
Compatibility testing
Product demonstration
Customer integration
Industry analysis

Previous (2004 - present)
Owner of Hellard Design and True View Video LLC

Hellard Design is a DBA where all non-video conference/unified communication is done under. It's an AutoCad and Inventor design service providing 2d/3d drawings for architectural, civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. I've designed several houses, redesigned several office spaces and performed product design (mostly furniture).

True View Video LLC is a video conference consulting and design company. High emphasis was placed on product testing and documentation. Main emphasis was physical design of video conferencing related products. At TVV, I worked with both end users and video conference vendors as a consultant and designer of products.

Industry Consulting
Human Productivity Lab
Destiny Conferencing
VU Telepresence
Other software vendors (names withheld)

Industry consulting was primarily in product design or modification. Some of the industry consulting revolved around integration of existing products into another company's ECO system. In 2007 after the acquisition of Destiny Conferencing, I worked with Polycom on the transition of engineering duties and processes. In 2012 I tested dozens of software video products at the request of the vendors and provided detailed feedback to them.

Corporate/End User Consulting
Company names withheld due to privacy

The end user side of things was typically providing best practices for video communication. This was done primarily starting with a site visit, then preparing detailed room schematics based upon the customer's usage showing the proposed location of all video and audio equipment. Often, consulting simply involved discussing video conferencing options with a client who wanted to cut through the hype of the vendor's marketing department. I am proud of my consulting work for being an impartial influence to users as I received no compensation from vendors for recommending their products.

I retired from the bulk of my consulting work in the summer of 2014 to concentrate on my duties at Array. I remain active in product testing and industry analysis as those functions tie in well to both consulting and my current duties with Array.

Director of Product Development for Telesuite Corporation

At Telesuite, I was in charge of new product design, from idea/schematic phase through manufacture.

Duties included in no particular order:
Conceptual design of immersive telepresence environments
Research and development
Mechanical part drawings
Furniture design
Light fixture design
Room remediation plans

I left Telesuite in 2004 to start my own consulting practice.

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