March 03, 2023

Poly Voyager 6200 UC Review


Source: Poly

The Poly Voyager 6200 is a wireless Bluetooth headset designed for professional use. The headset is equipped with noise-cancelling technology, making it ideal for use in noisy environments. Additionally, it features a comfortable and ergonomic design that allows you to wear it for extended periods without discomfort. Read on for more about the Voyager 6200

February 15, 2023

Is Lenovo's ThinkSmart View Plus the Right Solution?

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Introduced at ISE 2023 was Lenovo's entry in the genre of "personal service integrated displays" (Bryan's term). This blog will dive right into it - let's go!

February 01, 2023

Is Logitech's Project Ghost the new Telepresence?

Photo by Drew Tilk on Unsplash

On January 31st at ISE2023, Logitech publicly introduced Project Ghost, an integrated video conferencing system utilizing Steelcase furniture. This system utilizes Pepper's Ghost (beam splitting) putting a camera behind a semi-transparent screen to achieve eye contact with a reflected image. Read on for more information about Project Ghost.

January 02, 2023

I've been working from home for nearly 20 years - here are the best products I've used

Now into my 20th year of working primarily from home, it's time to share some of the most effective tools I've found to get the work done. Most of my time is spent at a dedicated workstation in a spare bedroom of my house, but often I need to be "remote" from my home office so portability and flexibility is needed. Read on for more!

December 26, 2022

Proper Audio for a Video Chat

Not all video chat users are the same. If you are a power user on video calls all day long, this blog is not for you. This is an introductory article for those who may need to attend a random video call or may be just starting a position where they will need to be on video and aren't sure how best to make that happen from an audio perspective. This blog will focus solely on audio devices to aim for the best experience possible. Read on for more.

November 08, 2022

Neat Center

 On November 7, 2022 Neat announced the "Center", the latest 360 degree camera for meetings. Read on for more information, including Bryan's take on the device.

November 03, 2022

REVIEW: Razer Kiyo Pro webcam

 The Razer Kiyo Pro webcam features 1080p resolution at up to 60fps with FoV of 103°, 90° and 80°. Initially priced at $199.99, the Kiyo Pro is currently listed at the time of this review for $99.99 on Razer’s website and through third-party resellers.

November 02, 2022

Testing auto framing in a video conferencing camera

Often the subject of auto framing cameras come up and everyone has their own opinion. Over the years, the technology has become better by the established players out there, but there are now several new entrants - so how do we pick the one that is right for us? Read on for Bryan's take on the tech and how the UC Test Lab evaluates auto framing.

October 28, 2022

Logitech Brio 505 vs the Original Brio

Recently, I had the opportunity to test Logitech's new Brio 505 ahead of its release. I provided a review of the camera for another website elsewhere but threw a quick video together to show a quick difference between the 505 and the original Brio.

October 27, 2022

Poly Studio X and Google Meet

On October 26th, 2022 Poly announced that their Studio X series of video bars will be the first Android based video appliances for Google Meet. Read on for Bryan's take of the story.