February 25, 2015

Bad Video Conferencing Advice

 Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Most articles about “video conferencing best practices” are fluff pieces (yes, including several written by yours truly). There is one piece of advice however, that is wrong. It’s bad for the user’s experience and for video conferencing in general. The most egregious error in these articles is to “look into the camera” and not at the person you’re talking to.

February 18, 2015


Blogging. How I hate the word. However, with the content I create it's unfair to those in the actual journalistic field to call what I write "articles". I merely write what I think at any given time. Has it bitten me in the ass or will it bite me in the ass in the future?

Oh and by the way, I have no idea where this will go. Most likely, it's going to be stupid and self serving, but that's blogging for you.

January 06, 2015

Cisco IX500 vs Polycom Immersive Studio

In this blog I compare Cisco's IX5000 to Polycom's Immersive Studio


2014 my year in review

A Year End Recap

It’s time to reflect on the happenings around the video conferencing world from my view as part time pundit, part time consultant and full time product developer for the year 2014. Most of it relates to my experiences with Array with a smattering of other news from our genre. This is a year in the life of a startup.

Note that this article/blog ended up much too long and boring to submit to any website I write for, so that’s why it went on my blog.

November 24, 2014

Writing for rAVepubs now as well


Here is a link to my article there. Essentially these posts will be a carryover from the cAValryRides stuff as writing for two websites is one thing. Writing for three is not possible due to the work schedule (hey telepresence / video conferencing hardware takes time to design!)

Anyway, check them out.


November 05, 2014

October 20, 2014

Top 10 on the road products

Being on the road is a complete hassle, but without my personal top 10 favorite products, it would be even worse. Here is my list of on the road necessities that I would hate life without.

October 06, 2014

I need more than 140 characters

For context, read this first:


1. Netflix has streaming quality equal to or better than Blockbuster or my dedicated hardware cable box. No software codec can make the claim that their quality is better than any hardware codec currently on the market. None. Hell, Netflix can stream at 1080p, I can't get 720p out of any software codec. It's not an apples to oranges comparison. A DVD collection to streaming Pandora may be a better one.

2. Lifesize is already changing their model. They literally HID their codecs in their booth at Infocomm. I had to ask someone in their booth if they were still selling codecs.

3. In talking to end corporate users (Fortune 500 types), none of them that I know of are switching to soft codecs. Some of them are opting for a hybrid deployment but refreshes always involve the latest codec from Polycom or Cisco. Every now and then someone brings up that they 'use' Lync, but nearly everyone hates the experience.

4. "The quality and security gaps are being closed at a fraction of the cost, so the niche for hard codecs is shrinking." While I can't speak to security, the thought that the quality gap is closing is simply not true. Nearly 10 out of every 10 software calls I am on has an issue with audio, usually from someone not using a headset which are never used with a hardware codec. Half of the calls have video problems or audio to video sync problems. I've been testing software codecs for years now and the experience is about the same now as it was back then. The problems are the same as well.

That being said, I've not had the opportunity to experience a software codec over a private network, so I am obviously skewed in my opinion. But the fact that these products are marketed to be used in the 'cloud' - ahem - internet makes me think my experience and opinion is valid.

October 03, 2014

The User Experience

A new post on LetsDoVideo.com discussing the user experience and wondering why vendors don't seem to think too much about it.