First time Infocomm Booth Builder?

To tack on to the first time attendee advice, here is some advice for the first time booth builder at Infocomm.

Heat - your most important consideration
Most of the dock doors will be open during the booth build times due to deliveries. This means it will be hot on the show floor. Really hot. The air conditioning, if turned on at all, is set really high. Prepare yourself. Bring a cooler filled with your favorite sports drink and/or water. Plan the booth build to take much longer than you anticipated because of the heat. Bring an extra shirt and/or a towel to wipe your head - I'm bald so the towel is a must.

Pack your main tools in your check in baggage, do not tuck them away in the back of crate #12. You'll want quick access to them. Do pack them in the crate for the ride home though. It's less you'll be dealing with when heading to the airport.

If you need help, the people from Freeman are there for you. They did an excellent job for us with extra labor for setup. They have a kiosk somewhere on the show floor in the time leading up to the show opening to assist you. If memory serves, they billed us by the hour.

Vacuum Cleaners
Bring one, or at the very least hire the show to sweep your booth. I forget the cost, but in 2014, it was an ala cart per day service. Your carpet will be really dirty after the booth build. Bring other cleaning materials as well.

Plan enough time for teardown. Note that you won't be getting your crates any time soon unless you work for the companies with the largest booths. In 2014, we did a little teardown on Friday, but left the bulk of it for Saturday. By Saturday at 10am or so, we had our crates and were torn down pretty quick after that.

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