What NOT to do at InfoComm

So we've read, watched and heard about what to do at InfoComm, but what we haven't heard yet is what not to do.

Get drunk
If memory serves I wrote about this after Enterprise Connect a couple of years ago, but watch the over indulging and be mindful of those who may have had too much. InfoComm isn't the booze-fest that I found EC to be, but there is plenty enough to go around. Over doing it at a vendor's after party looks bad on you and your company.

Over doing the social media
Not everyone needs to know every detail of your trip. Plus, don't get so consumed with social media that you miss the entire point of you being there. We've seen it too many times at restaurants, sporting events and social gatherings where people have their faces buried in their phones, completely oblivious to everything going on around them.

Try to see and do everything
We're not super men and women. It's going to be real hard to slow down and take some time looking at what you should be looking at versus seeing the stuff that probably doesn't matter. I'm accused of this completely, but this year I'm trying to keep myself focused mainly on the Unified Communication area.

Go on SWAG hunts
It's a peeve of mine, where people hit up booths unrelated to their field solely to take free stuff. Sure, it's put out there for people to take, but that doesn't mean you have to. It's marketing materials for that company. My thought is that if I wouldn't take a business card from someone, I shouldn't take a pen with their company branding on it. Remember, you have to take that stuff home with you.

That's about all I can think of now - See you there!

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