Video communication

The word still isn't out. The mere mention of any sort of video conferencing to a business will get you more negative comments than unknowing shrugs.

Video communication has come a long way since you first saw a web cam image through your dial up modem! Product prices are now at reasonable levels and the technology has become user friendly enough for everyone to be able to enjoy the experience.

We're still waiting for someone to really bridge the home user gap and offer a system that connects to their television. It can be done, albeit non elegantly and not cost effective.

What would you pay to see your kids or grand children whenever you wanted even if they live across the country (or even the world)? In my opinion, Skype is the best method for this, but to get it on your television takes more than a little computer experience. Bridge that gap of Skype quality with cable television ease of use and you will have something.