Video conference consulting

One thing that everyone must know when it comes to choosing a video conference consultant, is that it completely subjective. There is little to no objectivity when it comes to what looks good.

There are people out there who are dead set against the use of certain products, be it projection, or lcd, or plasma, etc. Personally, I'm not sold on any particular piece of technology from a consulting standpoint. Some companies may have nice deals out there with a television distributor, or a codec manufacturer and will try to sway the client toward what they have in stock. I am more of the philosophy of 'use what works for this application'.

We all have our own favorite things. Personally, my sticking points are eye contact and participant size. Again, it's my subjective interpretation of what we're trying to accomplish and that is having meetings that simulate as close as possible, being there.

It's like choosing an architect, an interior designer or any other provider of a subjective service. Talk with them, ask them tons of questions and see if what they say makes sense to you and your application. You have to live with what they create for you, you may as well get what you want!

Bryan Hellard