March 19, 2017

Enterprise Connect 2017

This year will mark my second visit to Enterprise Connect, located at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando. Two years ago, I was there as an exhibitor. This year I will be there as a speaker. Two years ago I didn't have time (nor the credentials it turned out) to go to any of the lectures. This year, I'm going to be in lectures most of the time, but making sure to visit the show floor as well and take in everything.

There are several new products that have popped up recently to look at, including several new cameras. New imaging technology is always cool to see and it looks like we're finally getting away from HUGE/ugly set top camera systems.

The cool:
The main reason for going this year was the invite to speak about telepresence technology. I was honored for the invitation and will be alongside representatives from Logitech, Huddly and Altia Systems to discuss attempted telepresence at a SMB price point. I'm not sure exactly how much speaking I will be doing as Andrew Davis from Wainhouse will be handling the presentations. As far as I can gather, my role is to answer any questions or provide clarification on the products from Array.

What would be cool is to have a debate between all four of us regarding the pros and cons of our products but I'm about 8003% sure that won't happen. It would also be fun to debate actual telepresence, which in my opinion Array is only company of the four that can deliver it with products currently on the market. That could get extremely long winded on my part and could be a day long affair. That being said I would like to debate someone from both Cisco and Polycom simply to ask them why they think 3 screen systems make any sense. Ok, ok.

The bad:
In a blog I wrote after the last Enterprise Connect, I was dismayed at the actions of some people regarding inappropriate behavior after having too much to drink. I hope that doesn't happen this year. I wouldn't want to cause a ruckus by doing something I may regret to some drunk jackass who thinks it's funny to treat women with disrespect. A lot of alcohol was thrown around on the show floor and I don't know that this has changed. It's just disappointing that some people don't know their own limitations (or don't care).

The good:
I'm excited to be staying at Gaylord too! Last time, there were several of us that rented an AirBnB house. Since it's just me and I'm not renting a car, it actually made financial sense to stay on-site.

So anyway, if you see me there say 'hi' and I may just ramble on about video conferencing until you're sick of it. Attend my lecture while you're at it. If you're not going feel free to reach out to me about all things telepresence anyway.

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