Hellard Design expanding services

I created two websites in the past couple of weeks and am transitioning away from my old hellarddesign.com site until I can revise it. One website, trueviewvideo.com highlights the video conferencing consulting/design side of what I do and bhellard.wix.com/hellarddesign highlights the commercial real estate drafting service that I also do locally.

Now you may wonder how those can be related, but it’s simple really. When working for the Telesuite Corporation back in the early 2000’s, there was always what we would call “make ready” work to be done to the site before installation of the large telepresence systems. Therefore, someone would have to travel to the customer site and measure all the room features to see what product could fit or what architectural work needed done before an install. Sometimes that also involved product modification as well, or a combination of changing the product and facility. This is where I learned how critical it was to have accurate measurements of the office space. The Telesuite product (now known in its current form as the Polycom RPX) took up a huge footprint and most offices didn’t have conference rooms large enough to accommodate them. In AutoCAD we were constantly flipping or rotating the unit, moving walls and doors and either adjusting the ceiling or the height of the unit to minimize the architectural build out and save time and money in the process. If our measurements were off a couple of inches, it could have led to installation delays, increased costs and “field engineering”, so it was critical to get it right.

Since I’ve done this work in a video conferencing capacity regularly, I thought I would make it official, create a simple website and offer this measuring and drafting service for real estate professionals in Cincinnati. That way, potential buyers can review accurate floor plans and do some basic space planning before pulling the trigger on an office building and real estate professionals can have attractive looking presentation drawings as opposed to blurry photographs of the exterior and a set of bullet points with facility highlights.

Thanks for reading,