Here are a few definitions to help navigate your way through the world we call video conferencing.

Pervasive - what every marketing director thinks their product is

Disruptive – what every CEO thinks their product is

Video conferencing – what every product actually is

Cloud – pretty term for a server farm or group of server farms

Virtual – it’s still real to me, dammit

Interoperability – if you work with my product, you are interoperable, with my product

Revolutionary – We copied someone else’s product

Software – something that requires hardware to run on

Hardware – Dead

Free – only if you purchase hardware

BYOD – I want the company to subsidize my personal iPhone data plan

Telepresence – my company is the only one that sells it, says just about every company, um if we DON’T sell it, well then it’s dead

Immersive Telepresence – now available on your phone in VGA resolution at 10FPS!

Really Immersive Telepresence – something something Cisco something something I guess

Well, one of us thought that was funny.