Enterprise Connect 2017 Day One

Day one is a wrap at Enterprise Connect and here are the highlights.

My day started with the Innovation Showcase presented by Dave Michels. The best thing I got from that is learning about Kaptivo which is a fantastic new solution for everyday whiteboards. Kaptivo captures your existing whiteboard and allows a remote user to log in via a web browser to see what is being written. It de-warps the whiteboard and transmits only the content being written and not people, shadows, hands, etc. For $399, it's an absolute winner for those using traditional whiteboards. It's shipping now

Next was "Taking video to the next level" with panelists from Neureva, Cisco, Polycom, Oblong and Zoom. It was a standing room only crowd. Literally. The most interesting thing about it was when Andrew Davis asked if anyone hadn't heard of Zoom, there was quite a show of hands. That's surprising given the assumed level of the audience. It makes me wonder if anyone will know about Array when my presentation takes place on Wednesday.

That was it for the lectures I wanted to attend for the day, so I slept until the trade show opened. It only took two hours to do my broad brush overview and to hit the things on my list which mainly was cameras. I was surprised that NEC wasn't showing their new Infinity Board despite having a large booth presence. Zoom's booth had both a Huddly and Panacast cameras so I got to check their image quality out. Logitech had their Brio so I took in a demo of its features. It's an amazing camera.

Random notes:
Yealink did not have any codecs in their booth (that I saw).

Cisco's new codec/camera solution is quite impressive in features but not so much in looks. I do not care for cameras integrated into speakerbars. It absolutely limits the installed location. It does voice switch much faster than Speaker Track.

Polycom's EagleEye Director 2 was nice, but it still takes too long for switching.

There are a ton of UC apps, but in all honesty I can't tell them apart. I'll dive deeper into those tomorrow.

That's it for today!

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