ezTalks Onion: all-in-one videoconferencing is under-baked

Here's an article on yet another set top video conferencing system. The main problem is that you're buying hardware at $1,300, using a proprietary cloud service and if that service goes away, you have an expensive brick. Bryan


I had a chance to get an early version (really early, as there is still some rough edges to be worked out) of the ezTalks Onion. The device (I don’t know why they call it the Onion – it doesn’t look like one particularly) is an all-in-one videoconferencing device (camera, microphones, speakers) that sits on top of an HDMI-enabled TV or monitor to provide conference room video and audio. Network connectivity is handled through an Ethernet port or, if you’re brave, Wi-Fi. The Hong Kong-based company had a successful Indiegogo funding campaign for the device, and is now ready to expand its offerings to the general public.

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