TOZO iPhone 6s Plus cover review

Or: How to make it seem like you got a new phone.

I would rather not have a case for my iPhone, but it's way too slick. Typically, I don't drop phones, but I don't need them trying to help by being really slick. Enter the "worlds thinnest iPhone case".
Random pictures - note that I don't have any pictures with it on because I take all my pictures with the iPhone itself. Sorry!

TOZO as received from Amazon

Oh, the thinness

Installation instructions

$10. Great deal.

This was tricky, Being a "not really flexible" product, it was hard to get the 4th edge over the hump. Install took about 3 minutes where it should have been 3 seconds.

The quality is great. I've had it on for 6-7 weeks now and so far it's holding up well. No real scratches to discuss.

There is a little lip around the camera lens. It keeps the lens protected when placing the phone on its back. It measures 0.9mm deep by 1mm wide

It does NOT provide screen protection via a lip like many other cases do. I have a glass protector on the screen anyway so I'm not worried about it.

I love it. It's about 25% of the thickness of my previous case and really makes it feel as if I have a new phone. That's cool.

Would buy again.

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