InfoComm Day One Wrap Up

Day two is here but before I hit the IMCCA Huddle breakfast, I thought I would throw out my impressions of day one.

Since we're exhibiting I was able to get on the show floor around 7:30 to get things set up. Things finally started working around 9:30 then I was off to check things out. The first thing I noticed was the Registration LINE! I've never seen that, but then again I've never had to get my badge the morning of the show. The line was incredibly long.

Pretty much my day revolved around the UC area. Of the products that stuck out to me, one was a small USB3 camera from Marshall Electronics. With a $500 price point and a fall release, this should go far. It's 1080p/30 as well and since it's USB3 it will work with any soft codec. The best thing, however, was the form factor. In an age of HUGE PTZ cameras, this comes across even smaller.

Other things I checked out - but may write about separately later - was the Panacast camera and Cisco's PresenterTrack. Both have their good points and I should probably get a Panacast in to check it out.

The innovation pavillion was cool with a couple of products to check out - chatlight and the products from The former is a $30 USB light for laptop video chats and the latter looks like a miniature version of Polycom's Centro - only they also make a 3 screen version. When the Centro came out I wondered why they chose 4 screens over 3, so I was pleased that someone else thought of this.

Lunch time brought about the annual State of the Industry lunch and learn. While not wanting to leave anyone out which I understand, there were simply too many people on stage. If the number was cut in half to 5 or 6 it would have been better but I get it. Simply giving each person a minute to introduce themselves and a minute at the end so each can wrap up used 30 minutes of the time.

After lunch it was more show walking trying to check out every camera I could find. It dawned on me last night that the world needs a camera JUST for huddle spaces. The industry is all over themselves with talk of huddle rooms, yet present the old PTZ as an imaging solution. So last night I came up with a concept for one and I'll see where that can lead.

Got to run, day 2 is about to begin!

Note that my iPad and safari in conjunction with blogger has no spell check capability so please forgive the typos.

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