InfoComm 2016 Wrap Up

Well I ended up not doing a day two or day three recap, so I'll just finish my InfoComm articles with an overall wrap up of the events of the week. Read my day one recap here and for the rest of it, read on!
Thursday started with a breakfast event held by the IMCCA where several "huddle" related products were being displayed. Polycom, Logitech, Cisco and Creston had products to look at.

I was immediately impressed with Logitech's QuickLaunch software as it was the first time I'd seen it in person. It makes a heck of a lot of sense in the world where interoperability is non existent and you need software UC products from different vendors to go about your day.

One point that I need to make in future editions of "first timers guides" is to talk to people in your industry and find out what they think is cool. During the breakfast, I talked with David Maldow from LetsDoVideo and he told me some things that he thought was cool. I just checked out those booths on Wednesday but on Thursday I took a harder look at what the companies are doing and ended up more knowledgeable as a result. Many thanks to David for that!

Cisco's PresenterTrack showing the facial detection area

Cisco's PresenterTrack was the feature of their booth  (they chose not to show the ix5000 this year). I had preconceived opinions of it prior to seeing it in action. After seeing it, some of my opinions were justified, however I was pleasantly surprised by a few features. At the end of the day, I don't know if it's worth the cost of tracking cameras (either with or without a lanyard), but that's really not for me to decide.

Basically, I spent the rest of Thursday going through the booths with a finer eye while stopping by our setup at ScanSource's booth to check things out there every now and then. I keep forgetting that I usually see everything I need to see by the end of day on Thursday since I can bypass several large areas of the show (giant LED walls, house of worship/stage and most audio gear).

Unfortunately, I ended up missing the AVTweetUp as I had a couple of VIPs in our booth at the last minute. Maybe next year!

I spent most of Friday hanging around our booth space facilitating demos.

Our remote demonstration was presented in ScanSource's booth

A nice little camera from Marshall Electronics. Design aside, it's a great start.

A 360 degree camera. Neat? Yes. Useful? I'll let the market decide.

I saw several 180/360 degree cameras for use in video conferencing. The subjective jury in my head is still out on these. Taking the position of "extreme film stripping" a whole room full of people and displaying them on a laptop seems counter intuitive to a good video conference.

Overall there wasn't anything out there that blew me away, but it seem like incremental improvement was the flavor of the show. Most of my peers that I talked to seemed to agree. I did see way too many PTZ cameras though.

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