July 2015 Around the Industry

Here are the news, views and reviews from the world of video conferencing for July, 2015. There is typically a lull after Infocomm and this July was no exception.

  • HERE is an article about what Lifesize is doing. Note that I don't necessarily agree with the direction they are going but I wish them luck nonetheless.
  • Going back through some Infocomm videos I discovered some new video wall products geared toward video conferencing. Video walls don't make sense to me in a video conferencing environment. It's no different than a huge projected image (except the projected image at least doesn't have bezels all over the place) where camera placement becomes a big problem. In the near future I feel that we're going to get this problem resolved but right now I see video walls problematic if the planned use is for video conferencing. Note that I do think they are cool, they just aren't great for VC.
  • While I think Chromebox for meetings is a bad product for conference rooms, I can see the Chromecast making a bigger splash. Some two-way functionality (if it's not already in there) where if there was one in each conference room to display content to all conference rooms, that would be cool. Seems like an obvious winner to me. Until then, Mersive's Solstice is still my favorite.
  • This camera was introduced. I cannot tell you how much I will think this will fail with that pricepoint.
  • Below is nice video recap of Infocomm. The industry needs more discussion like this, especially using video.

  •  Microsoft's Surface Hub is experiencing a delay. Although Microsoft's explanation is transparent (and most likely incorrect), I can empathize with their situation.
  • Sony introduced a USB PTZ camera. Not excited.
  • Logitech Collaboration Program was announced. Logitech should band together with all software codec vendors and push push push it.

The Stock Ticker
  • Polycom stock went from $13.52 to $11.51 per share over the month of June to $11.38 as of 8-1
  • Cisco went from $29.60 to $27.83 to $28.42
  • Avaya went from $16.02 to $15.84 to $16.38

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