Practice What You Preach

Forward the video to the 29:30 mark. It was mandatory that Cisco's acquisitions move to San Francisco.

What's wrong with this? Well, a look at their website shows that Cisco is pushing telecommuting/teleworking for their customers. Makes sense, right, since they sell video conferencing and collaboration related products. However, they are forcing relocation of their acquisitions? I thought with teleworking everyone was supposed to be more efficient and happier. If the company that sells the highest end communication products in the world doesn't practice what they preach, then why should anyone think working from home is the way to go?

Now of course I know nothing of Cisco's situation other than what Rowan shared in that video. But still, on the surface if you're trying to sell products that has a specific purpose, you really should use them your damn self for that purpose.

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