Subjective Galaxy Note Edge Review

Just back in October 2014, I wrote this blog of my top 10 road products. My number one go to product was the Galaxy Note 3. After the Edge was announced, it piqued my interest due to the obscure curved screen. Hey! I have a thing for curved screens alright?! Anyway, once it hit Verizon in January I had to get it and did. Here is the review after a few month's usage. Remember, it's all subjective.
The Galaxy Note Edge. Note this photo isn't mine as I use my phone as a camera and I can't rightly take a picture of my camera with my camera. Huh?

Looks is always subjective. Some say it looks off balanced since the curve is only on one side. Personally, I find that cool. I think the entire phone looks great and that's why I switched. Well, that and I love to get new phones.

I've been known to 'palm' a volleyball, but I wouldn't have what I would call large hands. However, the Edge doesn't feel that big. In reality it feels a little smaller than the Note 3, probably due to the taper of the curved edge. I have no problem using the device with one hand (and I don't use the useless "one hand shrink everything" mode. When using it as a phone, I typically use my Plantronics Legend BlueTooth earpiece, but when I don't have it, I don't feel weird about holding a phone that size to my head.

Battery life
Apparently, I get at least three times the battery life of everyone that's reviewed the phone. I can get two days easy, however, I don't play games and I don't stream movies or music. I can go three days with minimal usage. My phone is on a WiFi network 23.5 hours a day on average as well and that seems to help.

Honestly, I don't use the pen that much. I like the phone because of its sheer screen size, not that I can write notes with it. That being said, some times it's nice to use with Evernote, but that's about it.

Curved Screen
So here is what people want to know, what is the curved screen like and is it useful? What I've found that is the coolest thing is that I put most of my main shortcuts on the Edge panel and switch apps quickly this way. It cleans up the real estate of the phone and there is no going from page to page to page trying to find an app. The phone app is great because the controls are in the edge, freeing up the main display. I do find the lack of specific apps written for the edge a little sad.

  Single best thing about the Edge.

What I don't like
The fingerprint scanner is worthless. I tried the Samsung method and the internet method of input to no avail.

The Edge is kind of touchy and I find that I accidentally launch some apps at times. It's not often, but I've noticed it.

Most of the built-in apps are worthless and I would to be able to simply delete them. I've no idea if it's a Verizon thing or a Samsung thing.

The Edge notification panel's weather widget doesn't update. Maybe it's me not knowing the settings, but it's been 65 degrees and cloudy for three days now. I have it set to auto update every hour.

The camera can be laggy. Okay, a better statement is that the camera is laggy in one shape or form about half of the time. The lag can be from opening the camera to taking a picture to reviewing a picture.

So to wrap it up, I love the Note Edge. While I wish there were more things to do with the edge screen, I still love the phone overall. Any questions or comments? Let me know below.


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