April 04, 2020

Work from home quick tip 05

Ok folks, for those venturing in their first bout of working from home, you may be trying to figure out how it's going to work. So here is my next tip: REMOTE WORK

This may not be that relevant with the current situation we are all dealing with, but it's an important point for those who work at home under "normal conditions" - that is those who always work from home. Some times we need a break. My office setup is, at rare times, not conducive to being extremely focused. Dual large screen displays, new gear sitting around, YouTube, Spotify, email, chat and squirrels can all be distracting especially if you need to limit your ADD* and intently focus. My favorite tip for this is working remotely away your home office. I have a Surface Pro and sometimes I cart it off to one of many "remote" spots I have to work. I treat the small screen as if I can only have one program running, typically a Word document that I'm working on, and go at it. My remote space varies. Sometimes it's a coffee shop, sometimes it is my basement or back porch. It's nice to break up the scene every now and then. If co-workers need to reach me, my phone has our chat app of choice on it, I just don't launch it on the Surface Pro. I've found that I can devote about two hours to this hardcore focus. It may help you in those times when you need to buckle down and get the work out the door.

*I have a relatively bad form of ADD. Squirrels distract the hell out of me.

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