Tech Armor HD Ballistic Glass review

After watching a co-worker's brand new iPhone 6s screen shatter, I drank the Kool-Aid and invested in a screen protector for my 6s Plus. So here's how it went.
I spent the better part of Monday morning researching screen protectors. First it was searching "are screen protectors worth it" then "are glass screen protectors worth it" then finally it was "best glass screen protector for 6s plus". After searching review site after review site, my short list came down to the following:

Spigen Crystal
Zagg Invisible Shield
Tech Armor HD Ballistic Glass

It seemed that most review sites I went to had these in their top five. Zagg hit top three on eight sites and both the Spigen and Tech Armor were top three on six sites. I ended up with the Tech Armor from this list due to price, which was $8.95 to my door from Amazon.

This is a box


Before the install I watched this video twice. Installation was quick, even with my anal retentive nature of making sure I did everything exactly as I needed to. It took longer in fact to watch the video. Either I was lucky or the installation is just that easy. No dust, no bubbles and perfect alignment.

The Tech Armor protector does seem to be much more prone to finger prints than the native 6s Plus screen. It's no big deal to just wipe it off though. The interesting thing it that my screen seems much more responsive and easier to scroll and swipe now with it installed. 3d Touch works just the same as I don't notice any difference. Other then feeling it every time I hit the "Home" button, I don't know it's there. It measures 0.38mm in case you were wondering.

The necessity for screen protectors is extremely debatable. This is actually my first ever protector so I've not been through the "been there, done that" philosophy of putting one on before something eventually happens. I'm usually pretty careful but I thought for $9 I would give it a shot.

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