Tips for freelance cad drafters

So you've decided to start freelancing in AutoCad and you landed your first job. Congratulations! Getting the job was most likely difficult, but now you have to do the work. Many times, the client will want you to work at their office, either because of software reasons, collaboration reasons or they just don't trust you yet. Here are some tips to help out when working from a client's office.

1. Dress professionally.  Ask about any dress codes beforehand and dress to that level or up. If you don't know ahead of time, shoot for at bare minimum "business casual" meaning a button up shirt, nice pants (no jeans!) and nice shoes.

2. Act professionally. You're not there to get in the daily bull sessions about what was on television last night. You are there getting paid good money to get work done, not to be friends with everyone.

3. Do not complain and keep a positive attitude. Employees tend to bitch and moan about working conditions, hours, pay, etc. Don't fall into that trap.

4. Don't just be there for the hours. Be there to get a job done. If you take too much time to get the work done, you won't be asked back.

Show up, shut up, work hard, go home.

You are there as a professional to help the client get a project completed, and most likely it's on a deadline. If you don't act professional you won't get asked back the next time they need help.

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