Commercial Real Estate Site Survey Process

Why do commercial real estate agents need site surveys? One reason is to create presentation documents for their website and another is to aid the potential buyer in space planning. Here is our process for both.

On Site
We will meet you on site and get an overview of the area. Point out to us what's important and not to include on the survey. We'll start measuring and making hand sketches. Also, we'll take several pictures of the space as needed. If requested, we can do light and noise calculations as well.

Surveys can take as little as an hour to as much as a couple of days depending on the size and complexity of the space.

Here is what a typical survey looks like before CAD

Wall 1 and wall 2 elevations from the floor plan

Back at the Office
Once back to the office we'll take the hand sketches and turn them into AutoCad drawings. Everything will be drawn to scale as measured in the field

Sample of floor plan and proposed changes on one of the walls

What you Receive
We'll turn over PDF layouts of the measured areas with dimensions. In addition, we can create presentation drawings for use in marketing the space.

Not local? No problem!
Anything within a 4-5 hour drive from the greater Cincinnati area is considered local. Beyond that, a air travel is usually necessary

Floor plan with dimension

How to start this process?
Contact Hellard Design at 513-252-8517 or via email at

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