Top Three Tips for a Better Video Conference

Here are my top tips for a better video conference experience in the meeting room.

Why three? Why not!

Number one - Don't talk over someone on the other end. Latency is a fact in video conferences and if you tend to talk over someone in normal conversation it becomes worse over video. Take a breath. Wait your turn.

Number two - Don't mumble! Audio in a video conference can range from poor to fantastic so make sure you speak clearly, especially in the cases where language can be a barrier. Also, be respectful of cultural differences. A funny joke in the USA could be incredibly offensive elsewhere.

Number three - Test your equipment in advance. Get meetings off to a faster start by knowing if your speakers, microphone and camera are on and ready to go.

Additional tip - If you're in a video call with someone on the other side of the world, be respectful of their time zone. It may be morning where you are, but it sounds a little silly when you say "good morning" to someone when they are about to wrap their afternoon at work.

What are your favorite tips?

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