Cloud vs On-Prem

In the past few days, I've seen this graphic come across my eyes on LinkedIn so I felt it necessary to comment on it. One can only assume it was drawn by a marketing person for some cloud computing organization. If someone knows its origin, let me know and I will give credit.

The assumption here is that cloud computing doesn't require maintenance for the end user. That cannot be further from the truth. Cloud, or more appropriately "the internet" requires a vehicle to get you there. In most cases, in my line of work at least, a computer is that vehicle to use the cloud service. So, you're trying to tell me that computers don't need maintenance, upgrading, security, patches and IT personnel?

Thinking that the only costs of cloud services are subscription fees, training and configuration is incorrect as hardware is still needed on the user's end. Hardware costs money. Hardware needs software to run. Software costs money. What is the point of a cloud data storage solution for example if you don't have a computer and use software to generate files - to upload to the cloud service?

Cloud computing puts a dual burden of security in the mix as well. Not only do you have to be diligent in your security measures, but the hosting company needs to be too. How can you be sure? Take their word for it?

Lastly, if the cloud service goes away via the company shutting its doors or your internet access stops working - there goes your ability to use it. Not so with on-prem solutions, in a general sort of way. Cloud services can also on a whim increase their fees (why I stopped using Evernote). That can't happen if you already own an on-prem solution.

That being said, I use many cloud-based services and enjoy the benefits of them. I don't, however, have my head in the clouds about maintenance and upkeep of what I use to connect to them.

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