Agree to Disagree

OR - Why I disagree with 95% of the blogs I read

Reading the current crop of industry blogs gets tiresome after a while. There seems to be little actual opinion about products and services. It's more bullshit blogging like "UCaaS (or your favorite acronym) is Disrupting Something" or just heaping praise on the latest corporate move. With each blog I start reading about a new executive or new acquisition for example, I know how it's going to end up. I know why. We all know why.

Reasons in random order

Bloggers aren't allowed to say negative things about products

Conglomerate blogs are usually sponsored or in other methods paid by industry vendors rendering them unable to be objective (critical).

Bloggers want to be invited to special events by vendors and wouldn't dare say anything remotely negative about them.

Bloggers don't actually test and review products in depth and only regurgitate the message sent forth by the vendor's marketing team.

So why does this matter?

This is how the industry stagnates. There is a need for critical opinion. Not mean spirited blogs against "so and so" because you don't like the company, its leaders or its employees. But what we need is real in depth product reviews and real opinions about the products that vendors are making and the directions the companies are going.

The only exception is that everyone likes to bad mouth the mega corporations: Apple, Google, Verizon, Comcast. Those companies must not be inviting anyone to anything.

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