Content Sharing in a Video Conference

Here are some things to watch out for when sharing content in your next video conference. These are ALL completely obvious, but still people forget what they are doing.

Email/Chat pop ups
For everyone's sake, please close any chat or email programs that pop up when a new message is received. In a professional meeting, we don't want to see messages from your mother in law or emails from inappropriate senders pop up.

Browser tabs
If you're sharing your web browser, make sure you don't have tabs open to awkward websites where everyone can see your current browsing habits. Same goes if you're typing something in the address bar. You never know what will self populate as you're typing.

Don't be this guy

Make sure your computer's wallpaper is appropriate for the audience.

Having 800 programs open at once and ALT-TABbing through them
No, having every program that's on your laptop open at once is not productive. Especially so when you're sharing your screen and have to go back to that one program that's there somewhere while passing by every inappropriate program you have open.

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