Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

Typically I have an issue with most headphones and earbuds when in a video chat or talking on my smartphone. The reverberation in my head when I talk annoys me to the point where they become a distraction from the actual meeting. That changed when I purchased the Plantronics Voyager Legend. Read on for more information.

Over the years I have tried many different headphones and earbuds. Most of them do quite well when I'm only listening to music. When I try to have a conversation with them on is when I have the problem. It's hard to describe but there is a distracting echo in my head when I talk while wearing either headphones or earbuds. It's my assumption that not everyone has this because at the rate technology is either evolving or being created, one would think the problem would have been solved if it were more wide spread.

Cue the Plantronics Voyager Legend...

After a good bit of research I came across the Legend. I have one other Plantronics headset that I received as a gift for testing Vidyo several years ago so I was aware of the company but it wasn't until reading a ton of reviews that I was sold on it.

The Voyager Legend is very light and due to its shape stays in place even while moving around. The audio quality is excellent for video and phone calls. It's not useful, however, as a device for listening to music. It's not meant for that and the quality of sound during music playback is poor.

The Legend can be worn in either ear with just a swivel of the earpiece and mic.

When I received it, I set it up for my phone and two laptops. The phone setup was smooth, easy and perfect. One laptop went well. My other (the dearly departed piece of shit Dell) didn't go so well. I had to buy the Bluetooth USB dongle to make it work, even though the Dell had Bluetooth capabilities. After installing the dongle, everything went smooth.

There seems to be about a 25 foot range from the earpiece to whatever device I'm connected to. It does work through walls with no problem, at least for me.

Voice quality
Other end quality (the people I talk to have no problem hearing me - and I usually ask them)
Connection to phone
Size/shape/form factor
Battery life

Needed the dongle to connect to my Dell
Price was a little high, but after using it it seems very much worth the price

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