What is the best video conferencing solution out there?

Over the years this question has been posed to me from individuals, small business owners and tech leaders at large corporations. The answer almost always starts with "It depends.". There is no single answer for everyone, regardless of what any vendor will tell you.

The question you need to ask yourself first is: How will I use video conferencing? If you're a grandmother wanting to see the grandchildren from across the country, your needs are completely different than a Fortune 100 enterprise that has 1,000 conference room spread out across the globe. Yet there are some companies out there trying to cover that expanse with their product's marketing language.

The best video conference solution is the one that works for you and fits your budget. I encourage everyone to research your options and test everything you can find. If not, you may find out too late that Facetime was all you needed after someone sold you thousands of dollars worth of equipment that will end up gathering dust in a closet.

It's worth noting that an independent, unbiased consultant may help you get started down the right path. They should help you cut through the hype, understand your needs and budget and be able to suggest the best video conference product or service to suit you.

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