November 2015 around the industry

The news, views and reviews for what I think are important things around the video conference industry.

The most important news item for obvious reasons is Cisco's acquisition of Acano for a few bucks. For every reason out there, this makes absolute sense and is a great pickup for Cisco. I've yet to read any logical case in opposition, save for the purchase price. The only thing I would be interested in is the length of term the Acano guys had to sign for before the golden handcuffs come off. In my opinion, in about five to seven years from now we'll be seeing some cool and very innovative stuff come our way repeating history.

Vaddio introduced a new camera, the ClearSHOT 10 this month. While it is a pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera, it does have one thing really going for it. The design. Hats off to whoever is the designer of it. It's beautiful. It was smart to make it in colors friendly to the industry.

I got a new laptop to replace my battery suckfest of the Acer Transformer. It's my first Chromebook, but since I mostly work within the Google ecosystem, it made sense to get one. The battery life is outstanding and better than I had hoped. The Acer will take up permanent residence in our company conference room as a control PC. Okay, so that had nothing to do with video conferencing, but oh well.

No one has wondered, but I thought I would let everyone know what I've been up to since I've been fairly quiet on the blog and social media fronts for the last couple of months. There's been very little time to devote to the fun stuff - yes I consider writing and pontificating about video conferencing as "fun stuff", don't judge. As Array presses forward, I've been spending most of my time on product development with our camera and processor. It's been a tough couple of years working for a startup but the look in the eyes of people we are demonstrating it to makes it fulfilling so I'm keeping the big picture in mind. At some point I'll post a long (too long) blog about the genesis of the technology and the product since it did start in the living room of my old farmhouse. But for now, I'll continue to be relatively low on the radar simply due to lack of time and not lack of opinion. I keep trying to write Array related articles but I get torn between trying to promote the product I work on and keeping an objective eye on the industry so the Array stuff will be few and far between.

That's all for now.

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