August 2015 Around the Industry

Here are some interesting items of note for August 2015 around the video conference industry.

Although it happened in July, the reigns were officially handed over to Chuck Robbins as the new CEO of Cisco. To celebrate John Chambers leaving, Cisco threw a huge party, spent a ton of money on it, and laid off some employees. Not only did they shed some employees via layoffs, but it seems as though many are leaving on their own (let's hope that's the case and they aren't being shown the door)

I started writing for a new group called Masters of Communication. These posts will exist on LinkedIn, the Masters of Communications website and I will re post mine here. Note that as of this blog date, MoC and my own blog are where I currently post content. 

Above is video worth watching regarding Gartner's magic quadrant.

Aver released a new USB PTZ camera, the VC520. What I fail to understand is the insistence that software cameras be 1080p. If a camera is meant to only be used with software codecs, 1080p is only for marketing department bullet points as getting that much resolution into a PC will lead to bad video quality, based on my experiences only. I've had video chats at 480 that were better than 1080 due to pixelization, blocky images and high latency that comes with attempting high resolutions. Anyway, I like Aver products in a general sense.

This month I read "articles" on the death of the telephone, email, voicemail, television and of course hardware codecs. I won't link them because for the most part these articles/blogs are bullshit. Most of these are written from the standpoint of "since I don't use them or I sell something else, they must be dead" so I don't give much attention to them. Nor do the "industry experts" know exactly what's going on in every enterprise around the world. To read some of their articles makes you think we're all going to be working from home using video conferencing on a smartphone all day long. Sounds like their vision of a perfect world is Solaria from The Naked Sun, and that's not a world where I want to live.

The Stock Ticker
  • Polycom took another slide to $10.79 as of 8-31 down from $11.38 at the end of last month. That's down from $13.52 at the beginning of June
  • Cisco dropped to $26.00 from $28.42
  • Avaya dropped to $15.02 from $16.38

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