June 2015 around the industry

Here are some interesting items of note around the video conferencing world from June 2015 - Infocomm month!

  • VDO360 released a new product combining their camera with an Intel NUC. It's a logical advancement in the space. Read what David M had to say HERE about it.
  • Google's Chromebox for meetings got a refresh. What does this mean for enterprise communication? Nothing. I don't know if the $250 per year support is mandatory or not. Either way, I wouldn't bother with it since it's using Hangouts which is inferior to most dedicated software video conference products out there.
  • Pricing and release date for Microsoft's Surface Hub was announced. I saw it at Enterprise Connect and it rated a "meh". It's expensive. The only people that I've seen who are excited about it are its resellers.
  • David D had a great take on the Surface Hub HERE 
  • Here is David D's take on Infocomm 
  • Ira Weinstein with Wainhouse posted his thoughts on Infcomm HERE 
  • David M posted his take on the show HERE and HERE
  • Polycom's stock took a dive in the last part of June. More details at this link.
  • Below is an interesting podcast with Cisco's Rowan Trollope. The podcast is called "This Week in Startups" which I find interesting that he would be on. I know that Cisco likes to BUY startups but they are most certainly not one themselves so that's why I thought it was odd. Anyway, after listening to the it, I have a better appreciation for Rowan and what he's trying to do. He does use the word "I" quite a bit and it makes me wonder how much influence he has on product creation. Personally, I've never been a believer in taking credit for work not personally done by myself. Now if he actually did do this stuff, well, that's cool.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Infocomm this year. By the time I found out that we weren't going to be exhibitors it was too costly to book the flight and hotel. From the blogs that I read, it didn't sound like I missed much. There were many rants about lack of revolutionary technologies. I'll cover the reasons behind that in a future blog.

What's in store for July?
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