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There are many Video conferencing / Unified Communication bloggers and analysts out there so I wanted to put together a list of them because.

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These are the blogs I usually try and hit as often as possible. They're in no particular order. I tend to like blogs that are written for the common man and don't try to hard with the jargon. If you know any that I've missed, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

http://www.nojitter.com/ No Jitter is probably the blog that I go to most often. Some of the content doesn't appeal to me, but a lot of it does. They, however, seem to be one of the biggest abusers of the phrase "...is DEAD" with something random being what is supposed to be dead. It's really damn annoying, but whatever.

http://www.pindropsoup.com/ Dave Micheals Talking Points blog. The particular highlight for me was his writeup of the keynotes from Enterprise Connect.

http://danto.info/ David Danto's blog. He posts everywhere but his main website is a good catchall for most of his work, at least as far as I know. I appreciate his writing style and even though he works for Dimension Data, he's: #1 not afraid to hold back his thoughts and #2 doesn't turn every blog into a corporate sales pitch.

http://cp.wainhouse.com/content/wr-blog Wainhouse Research. For as long as I've been in the business, they have had the most confusing site design in the industry. Their content is great for the most part, except for the stuff they're trying to sell for thousands of dollars. I wouldn't know what those articles look like anyway...

http://www.telepresenceoptions.com/ Telepresence Options in my opinion is the grand daddy of information in the space. While there's not much blogging going on at the site, there are always relevant industry articles.

http://www.ravepubs.com/blogsquad/ and http://avnation.tv/category/blog/ While I'm not necessarily in the AV space (though some will disagree), I do tend to read up on what's going on in the AV industry. These two seem to be the best as far as content goes for the genre.

http://letsdovideo.com/ Lets Do Video is David Maldow's company/blog/analysis website. David has great insight into the industry and routinely finds out about things faster than I do. Boy is that irritating! David is also willing to do impromptu product testing with me.




There are corporate blogs out there that I guess I should link up, but since I don't actually read advertising that's masked as blogs, I won't for now. Maybe later.

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