OmniJoin review


A web browser plug in was required and installed with no issues.
Guests can click the link in their email, download the plug in if it’s the first time using it and they get into the meeting quick.

This product really seems meant for data sharing over video communications as the layout seems to be built around sharing. It appears at first to be a little over complicated as far as the user interface is concerned. A part of it is intuitive, other parts not so much. After spend a few minutes with it though, it doesn’t seem so daunting as originally thought.

Ease of Use
Starting a meeting requires going to the website, logging in and clicking “start meeting”. Easy enough. Joining a meeting requires clicking on a link provided by the host. The room id is always the same for the host, so I didn’t have to send multiple invites for multiple separate meetings with the same person.

During a live demo with someone from Brother, I had to call into an audio bridge, adding an extra step. When asking about audio capabilities, they recommend an external audio device with built in echo cancellation. This leads me to believe that their audio during a video conference is not so hot. The audio bridge, by the way, has an upcharge to it, where you buy a package of minutes monthly.

There is a whiteboard function, available only to the host to control (or maybe a registered user).

There is a ‘region’ sharing function which is pretty cool to allow sharing only a particular segment of your desktop, application, etc. Size of region is dynamically adjustable.

Quality of Product
During the live demo, our video was both set to 640x480. The web site lists “up to 720p” but I could not figure out how to adjust it. The person from Brother was able to set both to 720p and the video really suffered. We had a split screen, his video was fine, but mine was choppy. Most likely this was due to my cable’s upload speed. The content sharing is where this product really shines. If your business relies on data sharing with occasional video, this product may be right for you. Video conferencing seems like an afterthought so it is not right for me.

At this time there are no mobile app for any device but it’s on the radar for a late 2012 release.

OmniJoin has two products for video chatting, one called OmniJoin and the other is OmniJoin Pro. Pricing is $49/mo and $79 respectively. OmniJoin allows for 12 way video calls (20 for Pro) and resolution “up to” 720p (“up to” 1080i for Pro).

Due to lack of tablet apps, video as an afterthought and the audio dial in upcharge, I can’t recommend this product if your goal is video conferencing. 

Hellard Design