It's been a while

No blog posts in a long while. Typically, I only blog about things that come up in my head at any given time. Today is one of those times. I am a member of LinkedIn and unfortunately, it seems that 90% of the participants are there to either spam you or try to get you to visit their website/blog. Attempting to get mass traffic to websites borders on spam. A 'discussion' post with a only a link to a tiny blog post makes no sense unless there is something I am missing. I am more than likely not to do business with someone who spams. If I had to guess my record is at 100% not doing business with these people. They must think that either they aren't spammers or just don't care. I wish LinkedIn (or group owners) would police the place up a little because we all know that spammers won't.

One of the groups I am in is rampant with this sort of spam activity in the 'discussion' area. People apparently don't want to discuss issues, they just bring up a bullet point to get to you visit their (poorly done) website. Come to think of it, most groups I am in are like this. It's sad because I enjoy actual discussions and the back and forth they can create.

Well, I intended to make a post about video conferencing eye contact. I'll save that for later.