So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

As many of you may know, in December I took a position with Wainhouse Research as a researcher. With this position comes a host of responsibilities and that means maintaining this blog isn't going to be possible. So let this be my send off.

So what happened?

I've had to explain it in person a few dozen times, but here it is for the typed version. Working with Array turned out to be a full time contract position for several years so I let the bulk of my other contract work go as a result. When my time with them came to a close I ended up back out chasing new clients. Something that was fun in my mid 30's became difficult and depressing in my late 40's. I began looking for full time work in earnest during the summer of 2018 as I grew increasingly tired of finding clients, working for them then being forced to chase payment through hoops of excuses.

My first and easiest avenue was finding a local "cad job", utilizing my experience in either mechanical, civil or architectural design (who ever would bite first). For most of the jobs I looked at, I was overqualified for except in education. Many jobs wanted limited actual practical experience but required a bachelor's degree. These were not even engineering or manager jobs, but cad designer positions. I was flat turned down many times: Too much experience or didn't meet the education requirement. My guess is that some of that may have been assumed salary requirements for someone of my experience or just plain ageism, knowing that 20 year olds are easier to push around than someone almost 50. It's the first time in my life that I've actually felt my age, or worse, older. Typically, I think of myself as no older than mid-30s for some reason but job shopping made me feel much older than my actual age.

Since luck wasn't going my way locally, I started branching out. I reach out to several video conferencing vendors offering myself as a camera/product designer. I have this little quirk of a skill that few have and that's the ability to manipulate a GeoSemiconductor warp chip differently than how most people are doing it. Knowing that most cameras for video conferencing have geometric image correction to limit fisheye, I thought I would be a shoe-in somewhere. The trouble was that I didn't live on either the east or the west coast. Video conference camera designer jobs in Cincinnati are non-existent (I already had the only one). It's always seemed odd when companies make a large marketing effort about working from home with their products who do not actually want that themselves. Thinking that you require on-site employees to create tools to enhance remote working seems counter intuitive. Think of the marketing potential to be had if your remote workforce created remote working products and solutions.

Early in my search I reached out to Wainhouse. It wasn't right at the time. On a whim in November, I reached back out. Turns out that it was the right thing at the right time and off we went.

The future

At Wainhouse my role is to research and evaluate anything relating to Unified Communication and Collaboration. No, I will not be the "next" anybody as outsiders have already begun pegging me to be. I am the first me. At the end of the day, my writing/reviewing style is my own. I just hope it's good enough. I will though commit to anyone reading that my content will never be fluff and won't be skewed in any way based on who is paying the bills. I've been consistent on this for years now and that won't change. Rest assured that content with my name attached to it will be based on the experience of and with the product/solution and will not be made to sound overly kind or mean based on anything other than my own hands on testing.

I can't thoroughly express how excited I am for this opportunity. I spent years testing, evaluating and writing about products on my own time and now it's become my job. I couldn't be happier.

In closing, I would like to thank the readers of this blog and the owners of other blogs that I've written for along the way. I appreciate you all. Thanks. I will keep this blog open as some of the content should stay relevant for a while.

Back to it.

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